Here is some basic info about us, our novels, and our writing process. We hope this will clear up any questions you might have.

Where can I purchase your novels?

If you're lucky, you might run into us at a convention, in which case we'd be happy to sell to you on the spot! Most likely, you'll have to buy our novels from Amazon. Our author page is here.

Do you have release dates scheduled?

We thinkĀ Spy Station will be released during 2017. Once we get a more specific sense of time for its release date, we'll be sure to announce it on this site!

What is your writing process?

As JMR Gaines, we our co-authors of these novels. We both contribute, working on specific sections and characters as we see fit. Having two people work on the novel at once speeds up the writing time and allows us both to leave a distinct stamp on the characters, plot developments, and writing stylistics of each novel.