About JMR Gaines

We Are JMR Gaines

We are a father/son author team working collaboratively on science fiction novels and other adventure stories. It was a long, tangled road to the publication of our first novel...


James F. Gaines

A former professor of French literature, James F. Gaines initially conceived what would become the first chapter of Life Sentence as creative writing. He showed it to a literary agent, who hailed its creativity but told him that the publishing house was not interested in incomplete manuscripts. He was busy with his professorial career at the time, and could not devote the time necessary to making a complete novel from the first chapter. Nearly a decade later, he would complete Life Sentence, working together with his son on their shared vision for the novel.  

john in hothouse

John M. Gaines

James' son, John M. Gaines had completed his training as a librarian and gotten a job before he remembered the first chapter of Life Sentence still existed as a file on his father's computer. He requested the first chapter from his father and began writing a second chapter in between his work hours. After his father saw the completed second chapter, he agreed that they should work together on completing the rest of the novel, which they named Life Sentence. Together, they finished the novel, and look forward to the publication of its sequel, and many collaborations in the future!